found recording in the boss's desk

My supervisor taped a recording of a conversation he had with my co worker. We don't trust our supervisor, and when he left work today, I snooped around his desk and found the audio recorder in the top drawer and listened to the recording. My coworker does not know I found the tape. We work in Pennsylvania, and I want to know if #1 the recording is illegal? and #2 if I tell her I found it, and take the tape, will I be in trouble or get fired for snooping in my boss's desk when he was not here?

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Donna Ballman
Recording employee conversations in Florida

I can't vouch for Pennsylvania, but in Florida both parties must consent to the taping of a phone conversation. Even if the recording is of a business line, the employees must be made aware that they are being recorded.

As to firing you for objecting to the illegal recording, Florida would protect you as a whistleblower if you object to or refuse to participate in illegal activity.

You should check with a lawyer to find out if your state offers similar protection.

Donna Ballman

posted by Donna Ballman  |  Feb 15, 2005 5:08 PM [EST]

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