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I am a professional computer technician who is currently looking for work. I recently found a position with a company working as a contractor (1099). After they interviewed me they handed me the contract. The contract entailed a non-compete agreement that stated that I was not allowed to work in the computer support industry at all for 1 year after the contract is terminated. This seems completely unreasonable to me as computer repair is my livelihood. If I was unable to work as a computer technician, I wouldn't be able to support myself financially. Is this a valid agreement that would be held up in the Florida courts?

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David Goldman
Florida Non-compete agreements

The main problem is not whether the agreement is enforceable or not, but whether you can afford or justify the time and expense to dispute the agreement. Its always best to treat these agreements as valid and something you can live with or do not sign it.

Now is the best time to create a valid agreement with the employer and makes sense to everyone. It appears that what they are asking for is unreasonable and not enforceable, so create something that makes sense upfront.

If more people would have their agreements reviewed and modified upfront when it is easier, everyone would know what they can and cant do.

posted by David Goldman  |  Jan 24, 2008 09:28 AM [EST]

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