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I recently accepted a management position in Huntsville AL (an at-will employment state); it required that I move from Colorado Springs, CO. I moved to Huntsville 5 months ago and have been working hard for this company since. I was called into my bosses office yesterday (27 Apr) and summarily fired. I had never been reprimanded for anything, as a matter of fact I was told by email on Friday (22 Apr) that I was doing a great job.

Needless to say I was shocked and devastated. I was told that I was terminated because two of my four employees refuse to work for me, but this was a bold lie (I have a great relationship with three of them). There was one "problem child", but she is still there. There are employees that have been reprimanded repeatedly and they are still there. I was offered a severance package and told that I have 45 days to sign.

My question is this, do I have any recourse? Should I sign the severance package or not? Should I pursue legal action? I moved my entire life... I feel that discrimination may have been involved, but I do not know for sure. I just find it funny that they fired me based on a lie after telling me I was doing such a great job, yet other employees have been promoted and given raises shortly after being reprimanded even though no changes were made in their actions. Please help...

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Henry F. (Hank) Sherrod III
termination claim?

Unless you have some evidence that your termination was discriminatory (based on sex, age, race, disability, etc.), you probably do not have any recourse. You say you have suspicions of discrimination. What is that based on? Are you being replaced by a man? If you do not have a case, there generally is not much of a downside to signing severance papers and taking the money, though that answer might change depending on what the severance papers say.

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