Unfairly denied unemployment benefits. Appeal hearing Tuesday, need advice.

I left my employer of 7 years in August. There is confusion determining if I was fired or if I quit.

I feel like the term "Involuntary Resignation" may apply to my circumstance.

My boss accused me of theft/embezzlement and then said he MAY OR MAY NOT ALLOW ME TO WORK AND IF I DID WORK MY HOURS/RESPONSIBLITIES WOULD BE CUT IN HALF.

I am not guilty of theft and no charges have been brought against me even though he made the accusations/claims about me to co-workers and has continued to do so after my employment ended.

The company is small with no HR Department and the owner, my ex-boss is a bully. I had no resources to try and resolve the issues or report the hostile treatment.

In addition I had been having health issues for almost 2 years leading up to my departure due to stress and unhealthy work conditions.

The final straw was a phone call with my boss in which he screamed at me, belittled me insulting my work and even insulting areas of my personal life that had nothing to do with him. At the end of the call it felt uncertain if I still had a job. I also had to decide if it was in my best interest to remain at my current position.

I made the decision not to return to work because of the demeaning call from my boss, the recent mounting stress at work and the hostility I felt from my employer and co-workers.

My options were to continue to work in an unhealthy environment for $420 weekly or keep my sanity, preserve my health and apply for unemployment benefits $390 weekly and begin looking for new employment.

I didn't realize my boss would be able to fight me and have my benefits denied. My husband also worked at the same place and has been unemployed since August. My employer also kept my last paycheck and my husband's last 2 paychecks.

I feel I was a dedicated, hard-working employee who was very beneficial to the company in the 7 years I was there. I don't deserve this treatment.

My unemployment appeal hearing is Tuesday. What are my options??

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