Salaried hours

is it against any law to work a salaried person over 40 hours in a one week work period( california )?

1 answer  |  asked Apr 30, 2005 5:51 PM [EST]  |  applies to California

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Janet M. Koehn

it is legal for any person whose job duties make him exempt from overtime laws.
the fact that you are "salaried" does not mean that you are exempt. only a thorough review of your job duties, with an attorney experienced in employment law and in particular, wage and hour law, is the safe way to determine whether you are exempt from overtime or not.
you can find such an attorney in your area by going to the california employment lawyers assn's website, www., which has a list of member attorneys. in many cases, you may be able to obtain a free or low-cost consultation.

posted by Janet M. Koehn  |  Apr 30, 2005 10:06 PM [EST]

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