Does the Termination Clause Cancel truly because of the way it is written?

I am about to sign employment contract and there are more details in the contract but wondering if someone could say if this contract is shown as "termination" based on certain things (like voluntary leave of employment) does this contract by law terminate?

I would pay for an attorney to look at the entire doc for their view on it.. but here is the the clause.

A little bit of background: I am an insurance agent and earlier in this contract it states that if i leave employment that i have a 3 year non compete i am trying to figure out if this paragraph says TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT due to voluntary would this contract end and the 3 year non compete be out the window?


In the event XXXs performance under this Agreement is considered unsatisfactory by ABC COMPANY, XXX will receive a written notice of deficiencies, after which she will be given an opportunity to confer with ABC COMPANY for the purpose of reviewing and improving her job performance. Should EMPLOYEE fail to satisfactorily improve her job performance, as solely determined by ABC COMPANY, within a reasonable time period after receipt of such notice, EMPLOYEE employment hereunder may thereupon be terminated by ABC COMPANY.

Furthermore, this agreement shall terminate upon:

a. the cessation of XXX's business;
b. the death of XXX;
c. the voluntary termination of employment by XXX;
d. the disability substantially perform her job duties hereunder (as determined by ABC COMPANY )
e. XXX committing an act or omission that ABC COMPANYdetermines to be grounds for a termination.
f. Conviction of XXXof any criminal offense that would have the effect of jeopardizing ABC COMPANY business reputation.
g. Failure of XXX for any reason to hold the necessary insurance licenses required by the laws of the State of Texas in order to effectively carry out her duties.
Upon termination of XXX employment, ABC COMPANY shall pay XXX (or her estate), in addition to the reimbursable expenses under this Agreement incurred by XXX to date of termination,her compensation (base salary [if paid a salary] prorated on a daily basis for a partial month,and accrued commission [if paid commissions] less any commissions paid but not collected),and accrued vacation benefits earned to date of termination, after which ABC COMPANY shall have no further liability to Employee for other payments or benefits under this Agreement.

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