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Hi I have a 50 mile 1 year non compete that my EX employer is trying to hold up against me. I left their company and started my own. The whole reason i left the company was because they were spraying a illegal product that is a carcinogen and can cause cancer. The business is the pest control indusrty and the product they were illegally spraying was called lorazban. Being that the company put my safety and the safety of the public in danger causeing me to leave because of the dangers they presented my life with. Will they be able to hold my non compete against me?

I have a reciept of the company buying 15 cases of this illegal product.

Thank you for your time.

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Scott Behren
Non-Compete Enforcement

You might be able to defend on that basis. Depending upon the language of the Agreement, there may also be other defenses you may have. You should formally consult with legal counsel on these issues and let him/her review the non-compete.

Scott Behren

posted by Scott Behren  |  Oct 23, 2006 4:17 PM [EST]

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