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I am a sales manager at an automobile dealership. With the new Ohio minumum wage laws our dealer says we all must now punch a time card to have accurate dealings with the law. I read the law as saying nothing about punching the time clock. Is that the only way or can the records be kept another way. Thanks.

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Neil Klingshirn
You should follow your company's time keeping procedures

The new Ohio minimum wage law requires an employer to keep records of the hours worked and pay earned by each employee for each day. The law does not say how the employer must obtain that information. Implementing legislation clarifies that the employer can decide on its own how best to gather that information. The only rule is that the employer gather it.

Punching a time clock is a classic method of recording hours worked. The only problem is that it might not record all of the hours, especially if you work at home, on the road or in locations where you do not have access to a time clock. In those cases keep an accurate record of your time. Making entries in a computer or paper calendar would be sufficient. However, if you are at work and your employer says to punch the time clock, I suggest that you punch the time clock.

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