Non-Compete Clause within the Severance Package

My husband was given a severance package which included a non-compete clause. He is in radio advertising and the clause states that severance will be revoked if he takes a job in ANY form of advertising within 75 miles of the city of Chicago.
Can this be removed, or at least the any media portion, given that he has been in radio for 18 years, and will most likely get another job in radio.
Depending on need, I may be willing to pay for consultation.
Thank you.

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Aaron Maduff
The Non-Compete Clause May be Removed from the Severance Package

In some cases, Non-compete clauses can be invalidated as over reaching. This may be one of them. But more to the point is that severance packages are often the subject of negotiation. We have at least one attorney in the firm who does that regularly. The result may be increasing the severance payment or dropping the non-compete clause. It is generally a wise idea to have an attorney review a severance package in any event to make sure that you understand the scope of rights you may be waiving and any possible claims that you may have that you may not realize you have.
Aaron Maduff

posted by Aaron Maduff  |  Nov 16, 2001 10:33 AM [EST]

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