My husband's work schedule was recently changed from 2nd shift to 1st shift. He has worked 2nd shift for three years, and I currently work 1st shift at my own job. Because of this sudden schedule change, we are scrambling to find child care for our childr

Began job July 2012. Has been full-time since then with few issues. We have four children and rely on two incomes. We work split shifts to offset the cost of child care. This was all made very apparent at the time of hiring, though I am unsure whether or not his contract mentioned anything about it.

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Jill J. Weinberg
First, an employment law attorney will need to review the contract you mentioned, as well as any policies or other agreements including collective bargaining agreements (if a union shop) re: shift changes. Second, under Texas law, GENERALLY speaking, if an employer changes a term or condition of employment, and an employee continues to work under those new changes, the employee may be deemed to have accepted those new terms.

posted by Jill J. Weinberg  |  Jul 12, 2015 09:13 AM [EST]

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