My friend accepted a job, and now that she left her previous one, the job has changed.I feel like this may be quite illegal, but I don't know what advice I can give her. Is it? Is there anything she can do?

The job was advertised as that she would test the water quality of peoples homes as a technician of some sort. So she put in her two weeks at her decent job, and just started the new one, except now it is a sales position that is only paid by appointment and she is not paid for her "training." Whatever that may end up being.

So far as I know, the job was posted on Indeed. I told her to find the job posting and to save that as well as any emails she might have from the company.

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V Jonas Urba
That is not unusual. It does happen. With no union or written employment contract an employer can change job descriptions and rates of pay. Training does not necessarily have to be paid for. She should pay an employment lawyer for a consultation to review all documents and paperwork to see if anything illegal happened. Misleading is often ok. Illegal such as breaking a contract is not. If she signed agreements she definitely needs to pay for a consultation.

posted by V Jonas Urba  |  May 22, 2019 03:12 AM [EST]

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