I'm Fom NH Our company are Union but I had been discriminated for the past 4 years now and I just got unfaithful fired form work I had work for this company for 9 years and our sop Stuard Is more and the fence of the company then the employees he puts mor

I'm Fom Argentina been married for 19 year we have tow daughters & one has Epilepsy It took me 4 month to get the FMLA., the first time I asked them I been told that I don't meet the hs required so I read the policy and I went through every one of my pay staff and add up all my hs after two weeks I send my It to them by Email showing to them that I do qualify for the family leave act they took four month to approve it and send it back to me, hi have been working for them for nine years I never had any complaints from school or parents or even children's I always ask them if it's possible for me to do one of my daughters for your trip when she has a game outside the city I always got denied 😔 but we have three others bus driver that also have children and they have not missed one of their children filed trips I that's not fair to my kids that I always had it to tall them that I couldn't do it
I got skipped for many trips will put unity from the extra work rotation list I put several grievance I won most but when I put one more and I request for time cars from all the drivers I got suspension today before the end of the school year on June my family and I went for Acacian and then when we return I find out that I got fired a driver said that I drove my car very slowly on Frent off he's bus and I stuck my finger at him my first parody Always been safety first I wouldn't never do something like that on my I never had accident speeding ticket or any police record for any reason why would I do something that it will get me on trouble there is a bus driver that keep calling me Mexican I had my supervisor and manager calling me several time on my cell phone while I was driving through my morning pick up their policy is no phone on hands when driving at all
so why they called me several time when I was driving when they know a counted pick up the phone complaint toto the humen Resourccompany and the human Resource In Concord New Hampshire nobody had done anything to stop othe then fired me when I was in vacation?
Please help me understand my name is Mercedes Caruso and I am from Argentina I am American citizen for 19 years now

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V Jonas Urba
You state that you are from New Hampshire and that the human resources department is in New Hampshire. If you work in New Hampshire then you should consult with a lawyer who is licensed to practice law in New Hampshire. I am not.

Another option might be to contact either the EEOC or the Human Rights Division in New Hampshire or the State Department of Labor or a local bar association for names of lawyers who may be able to help you. Good luck.

posted by V Jonas Urba  |  Aug 7, 2016 11:48 AM [EST]

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