I was awarded unemployment, then I found employment (I'm an RN of 21 yrs experience). I only worked 4 days as that employer did not meet the written job descrpiton given to me as an RN, they had me doing clerical tasks, even though I kept going to HR aski

I was awarded unemployment State of Ohio. I diligently sought work. I was offered and accepted a job with the written description of what RN duties I would be performing. I've been an RN 21 years. Upon starting at this community mental health agency, I was told my "lead trainer" was their secretary. I went to HR multiple times the 4 days I was there requesting a name of the RN who would be training me; where was he/she? Why was I being trained by a secretary to pull off voice mail and write messages on scraps of paper? I was never provided an answer and I never even met another RN. After 4 days and the secretary telling me that the next month (Feb) she'd be gone every Friday so Id be answering phones, and scheduling appointments. This was not at all in my job description. I afforded the employer every opportunity to help me, they did not. I quit after four days with no 2 week notice and did cite the reasons why. I felt rather than work 2 weeks as a secretary, I could better focus my time on seeking employment in my field of Nursing. My unemployment stopped as this employer stated I did not give a 2 week notice. I did file an appeal listing all of the above. Is there anything in employment law or ORC in Ohio that states one MUST work a two week notice doing a job they were not hired in for?

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Christina Royer

I do not believe that failing to give 2 weeks' notice is a reason to deny unemployment. Based on what you write, my guess is that you were denied because the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services (ODJFS) found that you quit the new job "without just cause."

Because you had an existing claim for unemployment, your claim stopped when you took the new job. Upon leaving the unsuitable job, you needed to either re-open your claim or continue claiming. ODJFS will then evaluate whether you quit that job with just cause. If not, your claim stops, and you will not be eligible for unemployment again until you work at least 6 weeks for a covered employer and earn a certain amount of money.

Sometimes it makes sense to retain counsel to assist with the appeal. You may want to consider contacting attorneys who do unemployment work to determine if working with counsel would be beneficial to you.


posted by Christina Royer  |  Mar 10, 2017 1:22 PM [EST]

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