I want to know if my non-compete is valid

I work as a contractor and signed a non-compete when i started. At first they didn't give me a copy of it, but after I asked repeatedly they gave me one. The one thing that stood out to me was that the Title is for Nuclear technologist services and where I signed it states below nuclear technician. I don't work as a nuclear technician I work as an ultrasound tech. Is the agreement I signed only valid for me not to work as a nuclear tech since that is what is on the paperwork I signed or is it any services that the company does? The company I work for mainly does nuclear services, but has a few ulrasound services as well. The terms of the agreement is for a period of 5 years after I leave and states I can't compete within 50 milies of their locations. I am thinking that since what I signed is for a nuclear tech and not an ultrasound tech that the company can't restrict me from finding work on my own as an ultrasound tech. Can you give me some info on this?

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David Goldman
You should have a lawyer review your non-compete to see if the agreement applies to you and if so, what is a reasonable term. While a term of over 2 years is usually presumptively invalid, courts in Florida will generally not invalidate the contract because the term is to long - they will just lower the term.

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