I am working 60-70 hours a week getting paid straight time pay NO overtime, is that wrong

I am working between 50-70 hours a week. I am on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week....unless I tell them weeks in advance that I cannot do it. I am the ONLY employee that seems to ever want to work so they call me. I cannot go to the grocery store without being rushed out to go do a job. I am an HOURLY employee not commissioned or salary.

I was told that if I work on certain jobs they will not pay me overtime at all regardless of how many hours I have been working. Now when I first started working for this company overtime was paid without problems. The more problems that they had such as checks not being able to be cashed at certain check cashing places due to bounced checks, they told us all that we would only be working "ticket time" and that if a job took over the time THEY allowed it would not be paid at ALL to us....which means if they think a job should take 1 hour and they bid it for such....the employee that is assigned to it is allowed 1 hour of pay if you go over that hour, say 3 hours you will have worked 2 hours FOR FREE. Then we lost overtime pay with some lame excuse, so they could pocket all the money for the bids instead of sharing it with the employees that ACTUALLY WORK on the job not sit in an office never getting dirty.

When you work over 40 hours only certain jobs will pay overtime which they rarely assign to anyone but the owner in a deliberate attempt to not give ANYONE overtime. I am worked like a dog AND I am union, the union doesn't care they tell me that if I want to quit the job and fight then that is what I should be doing, but to be aware that I will not be hired on by any other company in the area, and that this particular company is the ONLY one that hires anymore.

So should I work like a slave for 60-70 hours for straight pay....NO OVERTIME...

I want and NEED to work I don't mind working 60-70 hours a week.....but I refuse to continue to get paid no overtime as the FEDERAL LAW states.
The last employee to call the union hall and was stupid enough to leave their name.....he was "laid off" that same day....

Please tell me if I am crazy here that I think I should be getting paid overtime.

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