Fired for alleged theft. Showing staff and all was a set up. No evidence won claim

Hi! My question is re accusations of a crime not proved on my friend. Video sevaliance revealed he was not a part of the alleged crime nor did he see another person that was accused do so. There are now 3 different stories 1. He did the theft and was caught no evidence as to such. 2. That he brought someone on company property and knew of theft. 3. He is tardy and late misses work. 5 years he has never been written up and works 7 days a week 60 to 80 hours. His friend helped him with free labor due to company refusing to hire, and a shoulder injury as a favor. Company vp agreed but no paperwork signed. Other workers seen friend help for 4 mos. The friend had approval of the vice president of the company and a 2015 letter of intent to hire. "They knew him". Years of reports of stolen or missing property from other departments. Never his. The app on the phones were not up for negotiation they had to be used or fired. The use of servaliance in conjunction made him feel he had no right to privacy both at work or home. No authorities were called, no evidence of this was revealed to labor dept. He won award. The day He was fired they escorted him off property and showed all the coworkers the footage and asking what it looked like to them? Owner told Secretary to monitor servaliance footage at clock in and out. Owner also had remote access. My friend felt untrusted and invasion of privacy after all these yrs with excellent work ethic and excellent craftmanship winning them awards twice. And 4 months after the person they say is a stranger was known by staff and seen working. Isn't there laws that protect them in a situation like this? The Secretary making the aligations about my friend is responsible for accounts being shut down for non payment and unable to perform duties causing the accused to not be able to order from vendors even paying out of pocket for items when she forgot to provide purchase orders and not at work, forgetting to pay him his checks prior to the app or failure to pay out vacation 30 days after a request. He later felt targeted when the office locked out the entire warehouse out and put in new codes so warehouse workers and labors were forced to enter in the back of the building while everyone else could enter the front. The Secretary was new and now a lot of fake allocations. Skilled labors never bothered anyone inside, it was the office people wondering around in work areas under bad conditions such as fiberglass and fumes or saw dust without ppg or masks. In addition he won awards for this company. Recently when they decided to hire him some help for the loss of two guys not happy with ethics there and offering a unskilled applicant five dollars more an hour than what he makes. He brought it to their attention as how he hadn't complained or asked in years but after being told he caped out in pay he asked why would he be training a person that would make more money than he makes and unskilled at that and, his 60 to 80 hour work weeks put a toll on his marriage. He would have made almost 80g in 2017. One employee called at midnight and tried to make him admit to untrue stuff he said the owner showed him. Is this legal?

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