Filed a Waite claim against employer they want to settle with 1452 waiver

I filed a wage claim against my employer for overtime owed to me. Yesterday we had a conference Meeting with the labor commisioner
The defense attorney agreed that my boss owes me overtime money and that they wanted to settle she also said as part of the settlement my employer would want to terminate our relationship. I told them I did not want to sign the settlement aggreement the lawyer gave me to review. Until I had an attorney review with me and to see if it is safe to sign cause I also have a workers Comp claim opened with my employer and I didn’t want to sign and have them take the rights of my workers Comp claim too. So we just agreed that if I were to want to settle it would be only for 12,000. But I would not sign settlement agreement that day. The deputy was running late on her appointments so she made me and defense attorney go to the lobby and the defense attorney wrote a hand written paper stating that
1. both parties agreed to settle the claim for 12,000
2. I will not try to seek re employment with my employer
3. I will release of all claims, including waiver 1452
4. And that I agreed to sign the original long form settlement agreement once my attorney reviewed it

Then she made me sign on the left and then she sign on the right. I asked why was she doing this and she said not to worry this is not the original settlement agreement and that it was only to assure I won’t be coming back asking for more money then 12,000 once an attorney reviewed the settlement agreement.

So then I came home and read the 7 page settlement agreement they gave me to review and it states that they want me to sign over all rights to my boss. And that I cannot talk or bring them up at all or else they will sue me if I did.
And that I release them of all liability

All this for filing a wage claim against them. If I didn’t sign the original agreement I have nothing to worry about right? They can’t use that against me if I tell them today I actually do not want to settle under those agreements. It’s messed up I feel like I’m being discriminated against just because I filed a wage claim. It’s like if they’re telling me “we will only give you 12,000 if u agree to terminate your employment and sign over all your rights. I have the original 7 page agreement and it’s blank I did not sign it. And on that agreement it states that for this agreement to be valid my boss would have to sign it too. And he did not sign her dumb little hand written paper she tried to trick me Into signing. What can I do about this case please help me thank you.

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