Do you need to grieve to have rights under a union contract

If an employee was a member of a union(IBEW) and had a contract with his employer that did not allow layoffs unless an external event triggered the need for fewer employees, and the employee was laid off to cut internal costs, but the employee did not grieve the layoff with the union within the designated time limit(30 days), is there still a cause of action?

1 answer  |  asked Sep 13, 2003 3:57 PM [EST]  |  applies to Vermont

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Roger E. Kohn
failure to grieve union contract violation

If you fail to grieve a union contract violation within the grievance period, I think you lose the right to do so under the contract.

If you requested that the Union file a grievance and it failed to do so, you might have a claim against the union, but that is a more complicated issue.

posted by Roger E. Kohn  |  Nov 4, 2003 7:54 PM [EST]

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