Constructive termination, daily explosive stressful atmosphere.

After working for the same company 5 years, owner one day demanded my resignation after coming in late without calling in.

I was only sales person, each year better than previous, working on best year thus far. Boss was very explosive, made the job very stressful, cussed and threatened one of my customers with bodily injury, yelled, screamed daily. AS my performance declined over the last year, he finally demanded resignation.

Isn't this Constructive termination? I can go into further details if you are interested.

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Trang Q. Tran

Is the the answer to your question. "Constructive termination" requires conditions that are so intolerable that an employee would reasonably feel compelled to resign. The finding for constructive discharge is necessary in cases where employees are forced out of termination with out being terminated. Being berated on a regular basis and given a choice of resignation or possibly termination has been found to be constructive discharge.

posted by Trang Q. Tran  |  Aug 2, 2004 12:13 PM [EST]
Margaret A. Harris
Constructive Termination

Your job situation sounds pretty bad, but I haven't read anything that makes me believe that your employer broke the law.

Texas employers essentially have the right to be stupid, the right to be mean, the right to be unfair, and the right to fire people for good or bad reasons -- or no reason at all.

There are very few exceptions to that awful rule.

To learn more about your rights (what few there are), and what you can do to make the law better for yourself and other workers, go to It's a non-profit organization.

posted by Margaret A. Harris  |  Aug 2, 2004 10:04 AM [EST]

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