Can I work 7-10 days straight without overtime?

I work for a hotel. They define their "work week" as Friday-Thursday. I work 8 hours a day at least. I managed to have the fortune of working WEEK 1: Sunday, (not monday),Tuesday-Friday (5), and WEEK 2: Saturday-Tuesday (4) these two weeks. I was scheduled to work that Wednesday but the 8 days straight took its toll and thinking I had overtime, I thought I could afford a sick day. But pay check comes, and no overtime. They said its because it was during two different work weeks, but I would think according to the "consecutive 7th day" rule I would at least get something. Am I wrong? I have checked with many websites and everyone has different answers. Isn't this law designed to protect the workers? I'll survive the work, but where is my adequate compensation?

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