Can I be sued for publishing a book about the industry I work in

Short and sweet.

I work as a valet right now.
I am also a published writer
I want to write a book giving visitors tips covering things that I have seen trouble guests over my 25 years in the tourism industry
Not everything I say may be something my employers want out there such as getting around some of the expenses such as valet
i have no intention of mentioning the name of the company i work for
Disney may also not agree with everything i say in the tips about living and working here such as commentary on pay rate and that you may not get a break all day etc..
How likely is it that i will get sued?
I will also mention that I do not care if i lose the job i have as it is low paid so i wouldn't be missing much

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Alfred Roush
"How likely is it that I will get sued?"--
There are several variables that are in play in your situation before you can be sued.
The risk that your employer may bring a claim against you depends on whether you are violating some part of your employment contract or company policy which may be an enforceable. Such provisions may include confidentiality provision, trade secrets non-disclosures, non-compete agreement, or non-disparagement provisions. Your status as an employee may put further restrictions on your ability to disclose "market inefficiencies". Without reviewing your employment agreement, handbook, and corporate policies which should address these areas, I cannot say whether you will be sued or not. I recommend consulting with an attorney before you do anything that may put you at risk for termination or expose you to lawsuit.

posted by Alfred Roush  |  Jun 28, 2011 06:24 AM [EST]

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