Iam 60 yrs old, employed with same company for 24 yrs as an Exec Admin, .
Last 18 mos my position has been HR specialist. Six weeks ago I was told my job was being eliminated. I was informed I had two choices available 1. accept a position within another dept, which has nothing to do with my previous 24 yrs with my co. serve under someone 35 yrs younger than I. and attempt to learn a completely new type of job. 2. accept retirement immediaetly without any sort of offer of severance, even though company has on policy re.severance pay directive for someone being laid off, (in my case a maxium 52 weeks severance pay package.)
I have now been working in this new dept for 5 days, I feel as though I have been set up to quit. what recourse do i have, and what steps should I follow to obtain what i feel is right at my age to survive w/o any obligtion of the company to assist me in this take it or leave it attitude?

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kerry gough
Company Severance

More facts are needed but you may have a claim for age discrimination. Was your job really eliminated, or have your former duties been assigned to someone else? That you have to work under a younger person is not necessarily a violation of any law, especially since you have been transferred to a new department. From my reading of your case, what must be ascertained is what really happened to your former position and who is now doing your old job tasks.

posted by kerry gough  |  Jun 26, 2001 10:35 AM [EST]

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