After being part of my son unemployment case. The retailition started I was wrote up after he filed appeal. Call the EEOC they said I should try sending a letter to owner did on 07/09/2015 I was discharge 07/10/2015 the next day. I have witness to the ret

I was wrongful discharge retailition got to move by 7/24/2015

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Adam Kielich
Retaliation claims require your specific act is protected from retaliation by statute or common law. If the act is not protected then your employer is free to retaliate. Employees often misunderstand that employers are only prohibited from retaliating against an employee for those acts specifically identified by law. Here you may have a claim if the state unemployment statute prohibits retaliation for participating in a hearing or investigation of an unemployment claim by another employee. If it does then you should talk to an employment attorney right away about your potential claim. Learn more about retaliation claims at although the link is about Colorado law it is generally applicable to understanding retaliation claims.

posted by Adam Kielich  |  Dec 23, 2017 6:13 PM [EST]

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