A co-workers unsubstantiated opinion cost me an employment contract

A former co-worker shared his negative opinion of me with a company that had accepted me for employment. Unfortunately, his unsubstantiated opinion cost me an employment contract. I would like to know my legal options?

My position (and many others, as a subcontractor, was cut when the government program I supported reallocated, or loss of funding.

There were never any disciplinary issues; no documented problems, or concerns expressed by any level of management.

I applied for a position with a new company to support a different program in a related government organization. I was accepted for a new position after being interviewed by the new company as well as the government program manager.

My references, all co-workers on my last engagement whom actually worked with me day-to-day, checked out. Yet, one of the interviewers decided to dig deeper. Turns out she knows one of the principle engineers that supports a related project at my previous project. He is an employee/equity partner in a company working in a subcontractor position were I used to work. This person is not someone I reported to, delivered product to, or someone authorized to evaluate my work performance.

Evidently he questioned whether or not I was a good fit for the new position I was accepted. She then shared his comments with government program manager that accepted me for the position. The program manager immediately rescinded her acceptance of me being added on the project.

The owner of the company that offered me employment responded immediately. She apologized to me and informed me that she reprimanded her employee for her actions. However, the employment opportunity was lost.

I am concerned, because of this persons position and the nature of the work environment, that his unsubstantiated opinion of me will cause further harm to my career.

1. What are my options?

2. Does this qualify as defamation?


Kevin Jenkins

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