Afraid I may lose my job when I return to work later this month. How can i protect myself, or am I in the wrong? My situation..
I been working retail for 6yrs for the 2nd largest wireless provider in the U.S. For about 5yrs I been suffering from "Common heel pain, plantar facsiitis", I took medication"s"/stretch daily/bought many insoles/ and rotated shoes. I managed the pain and symptoms, and i am ok with having to have done that for 5yrs. My ISSUE is it progress from common Heel pain (planter facsiitis) to Severe Plantar Facsiitis of the ARCH, with partial fascia tear"s" and 3-4 noticable plantar fibroma. A MRI (3/1/2016) also revealed issues with my bone stucture of my feet and issues with my ankle. To Make clear my progressive foot issue was a result of being ask to stand longer then past years, and not a result of a Sport injury. I had doctor visit with a poditrist in Dec 2015, Jan 2016, Febuary 2016. Then MRI-3/1/16.
Dr. Visit- 3/7/16 he went over my results of MRI and told me i need to get off my feet, no standing more then 10mins in 1hr period & pyshical therapy 3 times a week for 4weeks and go from there. On 3-8-2016 I had to submit a job accomadation claim, processed by Sedgwick, so i could Sit in a Chair 50 mins out of every hour. All document/medical form were valid and sedgwick approved my request for a job accomadation. On 4-8-16 My Employer denied my request for a job accomadation as setting in a chair and not being able to stand, would effect my ability to deliever an extrodinary experience for the customer. It took exactly 30 days to get an answer on my job accomadation claim. I Stood on a gravely injured foot the for weeks. I was told by my supervisor that i would have to take time off work, and to either file a Diability Claim to be processed by Sedgwick if i want to get paid or file for FMLA claim and not get paid. On 4-13-16 I started my time off work and pyshical therapy, I proceded to file a Disability claim with Sedgwick. My doctor office had to Resubmit all medical forms, and write new statments. My Doctor office expressed that they are not very happy about having to fillout and resubmit papperwork every week. My disability claim got denied on 5-5-2016. Now I am being told to wait for my rejection letter and to file for FMLA. I am afraid that the doctor office will decline filling out my paperwork or they will be a bit careless out of fustration that the form will have a clerical error. There are many forums were emplyees of my company are terminated do to clerical errors. Also what happens if my company just decides to deny my fmla claim, knowing the very high percentage that my same injury will reoccur needing surgery and more time off in the future. How do i protect myself? I have a family i am responsible for. I been out of work unpaid for the last 4 weeks. I am not fully healed but my supervisor called me and mentioned I may be getting calls from Attendence department ordering me to go back to work. Sorry for writting so much, no one handling my situation looks at the full picture. I need advice, i need to know how to protect my self from losing my job and wages.

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