while on FMLA Intermitent, employer quit paying me and told me 'no work for you on non-fmla days'

As a manager, my co-manager was actively trying to replace me after I announced that I had cancer. He told me that I would cost the company too much money, even if I died. He started interviewing people that he said "could do my job" while I was out. I reported him to my manager and eventually his manager. I told him I was going to go to ethics but before I got a chance he turned me in for something made-up. The company supported him and reassigned me to his HR person. She, HR, finally allowed my FMLA intermittent but then told me "there is no work for you on your non-fmla days and therefore you are placed on unpaid leave". Is this legal? I am one of a few that eventually filed an EEOC charge against this management chain as they have other issues. However, HR refuses to give me an employment status and refuses to answer my questions or tell me what, if anything, I've done wrong. I have been on unpaid status since May of 2016. My FMLA runs out in a week but my doctor wants to request more fmla for 2017 due to continued monthly treatments. Should I have him request more time? I don't see the point if they refuse to work or pay me. I have no idea why this is happening and have multiple customer and employee requests to come back to work.

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