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I have worked for a company for almost three years that does restoration after water or fires. I just got done removing black mold and asbestos from a home that took me and my partner 5 days to do so, when my employer told me it should take 7 days. So I got the job done early. Now that it is done, he is refusing to pay me for my time. I had to have myself and my helper wear protective gear that would keep us from breathing it in to our lungs and he never provided us with HAZMAT suits, so now that he is refusing to pay me for the wages, what can I do? Do I need to take him to court over the matter or what? Thanks an answer would greatly be appreciated.

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Michele Henry
Employers are required to provide payment of wages for all hours worked. Refusal to do so is a violation of Kentucky and federal law. You can file a complaint with the Kentucky Department of Labor or you can consult with an attorney to attempt to resolve the dispute.

Shelly Henry

posted by Michele Henry  |  Aug 4, 2011 06:20 AM [EST]

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