Verbal agreement/non-compete enforcable?

I have been working for a consulting company for about three years now, and have been dealing with multiple issues since year one. I was hired for a position at what I believed was a good wage, until I learned of everything that would be expected of me. I decided to work until the end of the year at the wage that I had agreed to work for. At the end of the year I approached my boss to ask for an adjustment based on everything I was being asked to do, as well as the literal perfect review from the company I was consulted to. For comparison sake, I was doing the exact same job as three other people in my department, one with less experience then I had and with a much less favorable review, and I was being paid around $20,000 less a year then him. Out of the three other employees and myself, I produced the most work, had the best review, and the most responsibilities...Also, the company I was consulted to used "specialists" whose job I was having to re-do, and they were being paid around $40,000 more a year then me...all reasons I believed I deserved a raise.

I talked to my primary contact for the consulting company and made my intentions known. I told him that if I didn't recieve a substantial raise that I had planned on leaving the company. Firstly he laughed at me and told me I wasn't worth it, then he became angry when he realized I was serious. I explained to him that I had a job offer for around $70,000...which was almost double what I was currently making...and he said he said he would look at what he could do. After many more conversations, during which time I was told what my billing rate to the company I work for was, and what the people I worked with were making...I was offered the option to sub-contract. Prior optios that I turned down were $46,000, and then $60,000. Finally, I was told that I could make $42 an hour...I just needed to start my own company and get the necessary insurances. When I had finished everything that I was told to finish, I returned to collect on the offer I had been given, and was told that was never offered to me. I invested around $6,000 for different necessities, and was then told that the offer was $32 an hour, not $42. This obviously made no sense, since I had turned down $60,000 with full benefits and no expenses...and then I would supposedly accept $32 an hour (around $64,000 a year) with no benefits, and having to pay all start-up costs, as well as all taxes. After a blowout, and multiple meetings I was offered a new deal where I would get $6-$7 off of my billing rate to the company I was being consulted to. Based on what everyone around me was making, and being billed at, that would put me at around $42-$43 an hour...which I agreed to again. Literally the next day I recieved an email stating that the new offer was $38/hr or $60,000 if I stayed with the company. I asked why the offer had changed again, and was given literally no reason, but also no denial that the offer was made. I love my job at the company I'm consulting to, but HATE the consulting company I work with. I have a non-compete that I'm told is vague, as well as everything above...with the current situation, is there anything that I can do?

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