Treated Unfairly.

I worked for a large oil company in Des Moines, IA was moved to Aurora IL.

During this time when some trainees came to Des Moines they said the ammount they were making. They were offered more than most in Des Moines.

An E mail was sent out that I still have that said we were being paid a premium for and our salaries would be more.

After working here sometime I recieved a list of everyones salary through someone. I am one of the lowest paid employees. I am more qualified as far as I trained everyone at the new startup company they created. Better education then some who are making more than me.

I have gone to HR but no action has been taken yet.

People from the Des Moines office are paid less and treated differntly.

Recently I was accused of doing drugs by a team leader. Another management person physically threatened me saying "I am going to kick you in the head." No action was taken towards her for the threat.

This is only a small part of some events but I wanna keep this short. Does any of this break the law?

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Anthony Cameron

You have some workplace violence issues that raise a number of questions I can't answer. What is required by you policy of the victim of workplace violence after an encounter. Some places, you must report to the safety officer, some places the police some places your immediate supervisor. You always have a right to make a police report but you need to check your employee manual for your other obligations.

I'm afraid Illinois Law does nothing for you on the salary disparity. Unless you are female and the disparity is solely attributable to your gender, the E/r retains the right to have a stupid, illogical and unfair pay scheme.

Again, there may be a slight possibility there is some relief for you in your employee handbook (some kind of mediation outside of normal company channels.)

It wouldn't hurt for you to consult a MEL lawyer near you. You may have a tort claim for the violence.

On an overall basis, it sounds like you're unhappy with your situation, the E/r knows it and this situation is destined to spiral downward unless something changes (new job, transfer to another division, realignment of teams). In the meantime, do not respond in kind. Be cordial to everybody and keep a journal of everything that happens to you in the workplace and how it make you feel.

Good Luck!

posted by Anthony Cameron  |  Aug 8, 2006 08:49 AM [EST]

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