They made me test, still did'nt put me in classification.

I started at Goodyear aerospace in 1978. I became a supervisor around 1984. Goodyear was sold to Loral of New York. I was made a manager of production. A project we were working on was V.L.A. This was a cost plus project. As manager I hired some good people and production increased about 40%. When the numbers got to Loral New York a year or so later. My bosses started giving me a very hard time and tried to stir my employees up so they would take more time to do jobs. I learned later that because we did a good job and reduced ours by so much that being a cost plus contract Loral lost a lot of money. 1200 hours per unit compared to less than 800 hours per unit. My bosses did everything they could to get the hours back up. They had salary people that never charged the V.L. A. contract number charging it. They tried to get my supervisors to charge the V.L.A. number I told my supervisors that it would be illegal for them to do so. My bosses became very hostile to me threats to fire me ask me to resign. After much mental abuse they offered me a job in a salary classification with several other employees in it. I would be the highest seniority employee in this classification. But they said I would have to take a test about 8 hours long and if I couldn't pass I would be laid off. I took the test and aced it. I have many witness of the test. The employee that gave me the test agrees that I took it and passed. My new classification was project leader and I was assigned along with other project leaders an area to supervise.( Lockheed Martin bought Loral.) After a year I was handed my raise by my new boss he opened it and looked at my wage and he flipped out that I made so much right in front of me. I was laid of in 3 months. I was laid off in 1997 when I was told I was being laid off I said I was a project leader and I had the most seniority why was I being laid off? They told me they didn't put me in the project leader classification after they tested me they made me a supervisor and I was the only supervisor in the company and laid me off. I have tried to have someone look into this every since but know one has.
I was also been worried about them messing with my pension which I am applying for now. What they did was illegal how can I get some justice?

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Neil Klingshirn
The statute of limitations may be a problem

Because your layoff was nearly 11 years ago, the statute of limitations to the claims that would have been available to you may have run. If so, you will probably not be able to pursue them. You should schedule a meeting with a competent attorney to find out what claims you could have brought to vindicate this injustice and the limitations periods applicable to each.

You should do that as soon as possible.

posted by Neil Klingshirn  |  Aug 15, 2008 11:54 AM [EST]

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