My husband is a union heavy equipment operator and every winter he gets laid off due to cold weather. We've had a horrible year as far as work for him (I am disabled) the one job he had during summer/fall got shut down by osha for safety violations. He st

What to do about claiming UE

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Jeremiah Meyer-O'Day
Whether he qualifies for unemployment depends on whether he has managed to make enough during each of the five calendar quarters preceding his claim to meet the minimum threshold for income during his base period. This is highly fact dependent, as the language of the statute requires that you make at least four times your weekly benefit rate across at least three of the quarters which do not represent the quarter in which you made the most, that you have to qualify for a weekly benefit rate at the minimum level, and that you have to have made 35 times your weekly benefit rate across four of the five quarters. So, at present, the minimum weekly benefit rate is $54, meaning that the amount of wages required in the highest-paid of the last five quarters is $1350, you must have made at least $1890 across four of the last five quarters, and you must have at least $219 in income in each of the quarters other than the highest-paid quarter.

posted by Jeremiah Meyer-O'Day  |  Dec 17, 2017 11:33 AM [EST]

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