It's been 14 years since I signed a non compete agreement in Ohio is it possible for the ex employer to come after me if I violated it. Two years before I signed it I went to business for self in the same field.

In 2000 I joined in a partnership in direct competition with my employer, I was told he was moving to Florida and shutting this company down and starting a new company not related to what we were selling. In 2002 I left after he cut my pay in Half.
That fall he started a new company in Florida he closed his current business at that time in the spring of 2003 and moved to Florida.
He moved Back to Ohio in 2008 and started his old company back up.
He hasn't taken me to court but I heard rumors he might over the old agreement which is now 14 years old.
Does he have a chance , Ohio changed the time limit to 8 years in 2012 to bring a lawsuit?

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