Is there any way out of a non-compete when employer purposely hires employees and spreads out work?

I teach private music lessons & am paid per student. I was told when I stated my job that I would have to sign a non-compete for a five mile radius. I thought this was ok, so I agreed. When time came to sign, my employer changed it to a 25 mile radius with a 2 year period of non-compete after my employment ends. It states that my employer is not required to give me specific amounts of work, but I recently found out that my employer purposely does not fill anyone's schedule who works for them. I literally am now making less than $500 a month, and I am not allowed to work in my trade due to this contract. Is there any way out of it that doesn't involve working at McDonalds or moving to the other side of the state? I am a single mother who is currently an undergraduate, something has to change!

0 answers  |  asked Apr 21, 2011 6:45 PM [EST]  |  applies to Ohio

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