I was previously on intermittent FMLA leave and had multiple surgeries in 2013. In 2014 I was hospitalized with a collapsed lung and a tuberculosis diagnosis and was out of work until mid May. I was fired because I had exhausted leave but am currently sti

I was on intermittent FMLA for my heart condition. In the year 2013 I had different surgeries for non related conditions endometriosis and I had an oral surgery from a wisdom tooth. In January 2014 I had another infection which being mistreated ended up putting me in the hospital with a collapsed left lung with gel instead of lung fluid. I also was diagnosed for tuberculosis and had to stay out of work until the results came back. Results came back mid May. I realize I had exhausted FMLA although to this day I am still recovering and being observed for two spots on my left lung. However in January while I was covered on FMLA a day I called 15 minutes prior to close of business was treated as a no call no show despite it being on the same day covered by FMLA. Since my infection in January was the cause of my February hospitalization I questioned it but HR stuck to their guns. That write up should have been null and void. It was that write up they used to fire me when I ended back in the ER in May. It took them a week to fire me and when they appealed my UI benefits they tried to make it seem it was basic attendance problem instead of medical absence. I have paperwork for ailments since 2010. They withdrew their appeal. I am out of UI benefits and every interview I have goes well until they find out about my health problems. I need assistance in what I can do. I have had so many interviews I have lost count. I also am a single mom with an Autistic 12 year old daughter. Any advice will help.

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