I have intermittent FMLA to care for my husbands chronic medical conditions. My husband is disabled. Do the disability harassment laws extend to me because of his disability. I have been getting a lot of attitude and harassment lately at work for using my

My husband is disabled and has severely herniated discs and significant nerve damage. He has "episodes" where he cannot talk, walk, or even lift his harms/hands. When he has these episodes I have to do everything for him, even bringing him to the bathroom. I get snide comments from most people at work about me leaving early or calling out to care for him using my Intermittent FMLA time. My FMLA time was approved for one episode a week up to two days per episode. Lately because of the attitude he's been trying not to let me know about episodes when I'm at work because of potential repercussions, so I've been leaving early to care for him more than calling out. He and I cannot plan when these episodes happen. Harassment wise does his disabled status extend to me? Last night I left work two hours early and got screamed at by a coworker for leaving, while I was heading to punch out. Can I do anything to protect/defend myself?

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