I have been on FMLA since 11/15/16. My job has no short term so my Vacation and sick days ran out a long time ago. I have no money coming in. Is their anything I can do.

I had strep throat, double ear infection, and sinusitis. Went to the Doctor to be treated he put me on an antibiotic and a weeks bed rest. I finished the medication went bak to work but was sent home by my boss because he said I did not seem to be well enough to be back at work yet. I went back to the Dr and he said the antibiotic did not take care of the ear infection. He put me on a more aggressive antibiotic and ear drops. I took the for 10 days and went back to the Dr. Because I was experiencing dizzy sensations and a lot of pain in my ears. The Dr said the infection was gone but my eardrums were swollen so he put me on a steroid ear drop. It help with the swelling but the pain and dizzy feelings still lingered. My Dr sent me to an ENT who treated it as Vertigo. In the months that have followed I have gone through Physical Therapy, a VNG, and a second opinion from an ENT. I still do not have answers and I am going to see a neurologist on 2/17/17. With no end in the near future I need to know how I can get some money rolling in. My Dr will not let me drive or work because of the dizzy spells.

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J. Bryan Wood
You should consider inquiring whether your employer has a short-term disability policy that may offer you partial compensation during your leave. You should also consider inquiring whether your employer may be able accommodate you working on a part-time basis or reduced work schedule (perhaps in a non-driving capacity) until your dizzy spells subside and you can return to work. An experienced employment lawyer can help you determine whether these or other options make sense for you given the specifics of your situation.

posted by J. Bryan Wood  |  Apr 12, 2017 8:10 PM [EST]

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