On Friday, August 7th, I had a conversation with my immediate supervisor regarding FMLA. There were going to be several people gone from the office on Monday, Aug 10th. . This was going to be a busy day with calls, and we are short staffed. I have been feeling some tension in my team about me being off periodically using FMLA. I have several health issues that are documented by my Dr. They have been running to my supervisor and she has not been helping the situation. She says that the team is concerned with my patterns of absences. None of these absences have been anything other than FMLA condition related.

Per the conversation with my sup, on Friday, she said that if I can go camping over the weekends, there is no reason I can’t work my scheduled shift. There have been other comments on my FMLA usage. I thought this was confidential information not to be shared with anyone. My episodes are periodic and I can’t control them. She asked why I can work my shifts when I don’t have any FMLA. I am in pain each and every single day. There are days that I literally cannot move. I am on heavy painkillers and muscle relaxers. My Pain Specialist states that on those days (as well as my family DR) I need to lay in the fetal position and take it easy. Team doesn’t seem to understand this. The team supposedly had an issue that I was told by my family dr to take half days off from Nov 10-Feb when the FMLA ran out. My FMLA is no-ones business. I was told that I need to be here everyday even if I am in pain. Carrie said that until the pattern changes, there will be problems. These hours are covered by FMLA. This is no-ones business but mine. I was told that since I was on FMLA that I shouldn’t have taken a cruise in January for 2 weeks. If I was well enough to take a vacation, I was well enough to work full days. I earned those days. So, it is ok for maternity leave to be gone for 12 weeks and I am not covered for illness? I am really beginning to have a problem with this. I don’t even want to come to work anymore. To me, this feels like discrimination. I was also told that until I no longer use FMLA, I will not be eligble for any special project, shift changes, or any outside activities. So basically, I am screwed.

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