Employer shuts down; won't pay workers what is owed.

On Jan 13, 2006, my father along with his co-workers were told they had 30 min to gather their belongings and vacate the premises - the plant was closing. None of those employees, my father included, received their pay for that week, vacation pay that was owed to them, nothing. We've tried contacting the company; they won't respond. However, on a corporate level, they're still in business - just not at my father's former work location. What can be done to get my father and his co-workers what is owed to them? If GI Plastek is still operating at different locations, how can they just not pay people their wages??? Please help us!

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Neil Klingshirn
Recovering wages after a plant shut down

How many employees worked at the plant before it was shut down? Under the federal WARN Act, the employer must provide 60 days notice if the plant employed 50 or more employees.

In addition to rights under WARN, any employee owed wages should be recoverable from the employer, not just the plant. If the same corporate employer that owned the plant is still in business and operating elsewhere, then you can file suit against that employer. So, if the same corporation is still in business, you should be able to pursue claims against it.

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