Duration of Severance

I was recently laid off and my former employer offered a severance package. In the contract it states that severance will be discontinued once I start "working". Doesn't severance pay continue for a defined period of time regardless of employment status?

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Roger E. Kohn
Severance packages - cont'd

To further clarify my previous answer, if an employer has a severance plan, then the employer must follow that. See "severance pay" under FAQ.

posted by Roger E. Kohn  |  Apr 26, 2008 12:28 AM [EST]
Roger E. Kohn
Severance packages

In Vermont, there is no law requiring a specific severance package. This is negotiable between the employer and the employee. The employer has the legal right to offer no severance pay at all, but then the employee need not sign any release or agreement that the employer proposes, and retains the right to sue if the employee was terminated illegally. However, there are only very specific circumstances where termination is illegal.

posted by Roger E. Kohn  |  Apr 26, 2008 12:23 AM [EST]

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