Do I get 14 weeks unemployment payment or full 26 weeks after my 12 weeks of severance?

I work in Rhode Island. My location is closing Dec 31st and I will be getting a severance package of 12 weeks paid. It will be paid each week like my normal check. They have said to apply for unemployment benefits right on Jan 1st, but I will not get an unemployment check until after the 12 weeks. In RI you can claim unemployment benefits for 26 weeks, but I am being told I will only receive 14 weeks of unemployment benefits because the severance pay counts as unemployment payment? (12 weeks severance + 14 weeks unemployment = 26 weeks allowed) I always thought I could start collecting after the severance was done but would be able to collect for the full 26 weeks. Is it true I will only get 14 weeks of unemployment payments? Thank you!

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