Defamation / harrassment Case potential?

I work in a large sales organization and I am at the top of my field. We reguraly attend semiannual meetings. One employee who is essentially on the cultural level of nascar and pro wrestling inferred directly that I am gay and repeated the accusation. I am completely not and have had many girlfriends and have never even remotely engaged in such activity. He's basis is because I dress well and I workout. Rather than simply 'beat him up'lol what is the best way to handle this idiot. Is this defamation per se of character as from my understanding he goes out of his way to tell others behind my back also and has directly accused me of such which I simply responded that I've forgotten more about women than he'll ever know and have slept with more in a weekend then he'll ever hand dream to. I have witnesses etc. Thanks for any feedback.

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Aaron Maduff
Defamation / harrassment Case potential?

The real question is what are your damages. If the company takes action against you on the basis that it thinks you are gay, you may have a cause of action against it under the seuxal orientation provisions of the Illinios Human Rights Act. If you can show other damages as a result of his false assertion regarding your sexual orientation, you may have a basis for a defamation claim, but the latter will be expensive to pursue.

posted by Aaron Maduff  |  Jul 2, 2007 09:30 AM [EST]

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