Can I use a doctor's note/excuse in lieu of my job search or will my unemployment claim be denied?

I was just laid off from my job. However, I now have a health issue that is interfering with ability to look for work and accept work. I am unable to stand, sit, drive, or walk stairs without agony. I've had MRIs, numerous doctor visits, and I'm starting with a physical therapist all in the hopes of avoiding back surgery. My injury is NOT work-related. It's just a coincidence that my back went out right around the time my job was being phased out. (My employer is not contesting my unemployment claim.) With my current physical limitations, I am unable to work in-person or virtually, drive a car, bend over or lift anything. My state will pay for retraining and my plan is to return to school for a certificate; however, with my current health status, I am unable to start school whether it be in-person or virtually. I'm concerned that my legit unemployment claim will be denied because I do not know how to answer the unemployment rep when I'm asked about my job search and whether or not I was available for work or did I turn down work. Is a doctor's note a legit excuse or exemption from my job search? Or will my claim be denied? If it is, then is there anything that I need to have in my doctor's note for the unemployment office?

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