Can I (and former PTs) attempt legal action against a former supervisor for assault/harassment/etc?

I recently worked in a family practice medical office for 6 months as an MA and phlebotomist. The physician's wife was the "office manager" despite having no medical training whatsoever. She violated HIPPA and OSHA regulations on a daily basis, forced me to stay in the office to do paperwork and answer phones during my lunch break (which I was not paid for, she took 30min off of my punch card as a "lunch break"), and would lightly smack my arm, shoulder, or back if she was angry about something. She also attempted to use my private cell phone to make harassing telephone calls - when I put a code lock on my phone, she was furious and told me that I was "selfish" and she would have me fired. She was also caught multiple times going through my purse. The patients were often put in harm's way - the office manager screamed at me for being "wasteful" when I discarded used vacuum tubes because "there was only a little drop of blood, no one would see and they could be used again." She also insisted that the exam room doors be left wide open so she (and all other patients in the waiting room) could hear what was being discussed - a clear HIPPA violation. She would outright lie to new patients if she thought that they might be African-American - she would slam down the phone, tell them that we don't accept any state-subsidized healthcare plans (untrue), or loudly and publicly refuse a check payment from an African-American patient because "Everyone knows they are no good, checks will bounce." She also owns a few rental properties and if she found out that the management company rented one of her houses or apartments to a biracial or African-American person or family, she would call and harass them, saying that she was going to evict them for no reason, and try to use my cell phone to continue the harassment after they blocked her phone number (that was why she was angry that I wouldn't allow her to use my phone at all). The physician has since retired and closed the practice, but could I still attempt to file a lawsuit for lost wages (working through lunch, etc) and assault against the office manager?

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