Back in March of 2016 I was demoted from a general manager to a shift lead. I called my boss to inform her my grandmother had passed away. I asked her how does this work? Do I need to take vacation? She responded no you don't need to take vacation. You ha

March 2016 I was denoted from a general manager to shift lead. Grandmother passed away. I called my boss to inform her. I asked her if I needed to take vacation, how does this work? She said no you don't need to take vacation. You have bereavement. She asked is it in town or out of town. I said in town . She said you have 1 day of bereavement. I said ok. Then she started telling me I need to get the company's rewards card % up at my location. I said I'm working on it. She said again sorry to hear about your grandmother. I said thanks and we hung up the phone. This was on a Thursday. That same evening I text her and said I was going to take Friday and Monday was the funeral. She text back on. Benefits told me I had 3 days. So the following week I when I processed payroll I enter 2 days of bereavement. Because she said I didn't have to take vacation and I thought she ok the 2 day. Week after payroll was processed she came in with another district manager and denoted me for falsifying documentation. I told her no that she approved 2 days. And benefits said I have 3 days. She said you went behind my back. You don't trust me. I didn't sign the write up. I spoke with the human resource advisor and she stands behind the district managers decision. Speaking with other general managers they say I have 3 days. And these are managers that have been the company for 10 years plus. I have been there 7 years. And never heard that a district manager can dictate how many bereavement days an employee receives. Also, I know that they have not been uniform as to how many bereavement days an employee can take. If they make a decision if the funeral is in town or out of town. This has effected my family and my income.

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