I live in Tennessee, and have a couple of issues going on. I was at my previous employer for 2 years ( I did have a non-compete)but, left the position because I didnt agree with some of the ways they treated their employees or the way they would berate them either behind their backs or in emails...plus, someone in upper management was in court for past fraud charges....i was not comfortable staying with the company...I did take other employment with another staffing company, they knew of my non compete contract, and informed me it would not be an issue. When i was hired at my new employment in november, the company knew i had back issues and was seeing a chiropractor. I needed to be seen 3 times a week for 6 weeks. During my interview, i was informed that they would not have an issue with me either coming in late or leaving early for my appointments. In the course of employment, i missed some of my appointments because of work issues that arised...there were numerous times that there were payroll issues and we were being threatened by employees who were not being paid or not being paid correctly...we even had to have the local police there on payday due to these issues...but, in the next few months, my back issue got worse and i then went to a specialist. I did miss a couple of days due to my health (2 days), and was informed that i could work from an office closer to home, part time. I do have that saved in a voice mail from my manager. I now have found out I have some serious issues with my back and the doctor advised me to go on intermittent fmla while they tried physical therapy and have me wear a back brace. ( the doctor stated they would advise me to work at my own comfortable pace, but preferred i only work 20 ~ 30 hours per week) I know you need to be with an employer for 12 months to be eligible for fmla, unfortunately, i havent been...so, when i went to my manager and requested to be placed on intermittent fmla, they refused and terminated me. I am wondering if i would be eligible for unemployment and if i should contact the eeoc and report this company? Or am i just hitting my head my head against a brick wall? Thank you for your time with this.

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