Can an employer change severance agreement?

So I was laid of last week and was given a severance letter upon leaving the building stating I would get a certain amount of $$. At the time when I was being told I am getting laid off he said we are offering two week severance " I think" but I never thought to look at the amount I was so upset I left and was told I will receive a package to sign the agreement from the HR company. When I got home I noticed the amount was higher than I expected.

I never got anything a few days later so I reached out earlier this week and received an email stating XYZ company offered me the same amount I received on the letter original letter and also on the Severance Agreement attached to that email I received to get notarized. I said hey they are offering me this "Lump Sum" for a release of claims I will accept it. So I got the form notarized and emailed it back.

This morning I got an email saying they made a administrative error and revised the agreement and it doesn't have to be notarized just sent back. They lessened the amount, can they do that? Or can I fight that this was a lump sum offer per the agreement and I signed it and sent it back and they have to honor it?

In the original agreement the only thing that I would question is :
You agree that this payment

is something of value and that you are not already entitled to payment of this additional

compensation. You agree that the additional compensation to be paid under this release is due

solely from the Company

Any modifications to this release do not become part of this release unless expressly

agreed to in writing by you and the Company.

Please help!

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