I have been employed in Iowa by a multinational company headquartered in Illinois since November 2015. This position is extremely stressful, involving long hours and responsibilities that were not described during the interview process. This has started to affect my health so I have accepted a job elsewhere. I relocated to join this company so my offer letter contains a repayment clause, but due to it's wording I'm wondering if it's enforceable. The letter states:
"With regard to your relocation, you will receive a onetime hiring bonus in the net amount of $6000, to be paid with the first regular pay cycle following your date of hire. It is understood that this payment is in lieu of all expenses related to your relocation to the XXX Iowa area, with the exception of temporary accommodations which will be paid directly by the company. Not withstanding the foregoing, if within 24 months of your start date, you voluntarily resign or are terminated with cause, you agree that any monies owing by you to the company for relocation expenses paid to you or on your behalf may be withheld from your wages to satisfy all or part of such obligation."

Can they legally keep my last paycheck, and if they can't, can they force me to repay the expenses, since it expressly says they can withhold it from my wages but does not say I have to repay it beyond that? Also would the $6000 be included in that since it calls it a hiring bonus in lieu of relocation?

Additionally, they breached the agreement. I did not receive the bonus check by the given date. The accounting department "forgot" to cut the check and I received it about 1 week later. I have documentation to support this.

I'm not adverse to repaying the company, but I want to be clear about what my obligation is.I have had several long time supervisors tell me that the company tries to get everything they can back form the employee leaving. Thank you.

Moving on in Iowa

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