Who is My Employment Lawyer?

My Employment Lawyer (mel) is a network of hundreds of employment lawyers across the United States who represent individual employees. Mel is a free service that provides employment law information for individual employees and opportunities for employment lawyers to reach potential clients.

Employment Law Information for Individuals

Mel's information for individual employees includes:

To find employment law information, browse by Topic using the Topic lists on the left. You can also search the site with the Search box in the upper right of each page.  If you still cannot find an answer to your employment law question, then Ask mel and we will send your question to employment lawyers in your state.

Opportunities for Employment Lawyers

Mel provides a free mel Profile to employment lawyers, who receive Ask mel questions from individual employees in their state.  Employment lawyers can also earn Featured Employment Lawyer positions by  answering Ask mel questions and writing Wiki and Employment Law articles. Although imprecise, the goal is for:

  • one Answer to earn enough points for one week, or two if the Asker rates it a Best Answer.
  • A Blog article counts for two weeks, or three if it relates to a specific state,
  • A wiki article counts for three weeks, or four if it relates to a specific state.  

Answers, and articles, especially Wiki articles, should be of sufficient quality to post to your own site or publish in you own newsletter.  A moderator reviews the wiki articles before posting. Blog articles are not moderated, but they will be removed if they are way off topic, employer biased, ridiculously self-serving or spam.

Blogging is a perk for members.  Mel's blog gets good search results, so it provides lawyers with an additional channel to distribute their firm newsletter or articles over the internet.  For lawyers interested in SEO, mel's blog is a permissible way to link back to your site.

Mel's Creator and Moderator

Mel is a service of Fortney & Klingshirn, based in Akron, Ohio.  Neil Klingshirn wrote mel's FAQs, contributes to the Employment Law Wiki and moderates this site. Neil, an AV rated Super Lawyer, is a Board Certified Employment Law Specialist. Neil practices in the federal and state courts covering Akron, Canton, Cambridge, Cleveland, Columbus, Lorain, Marietta, Youngstown and Wooster, Ohio.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Mel is a public site. It does not provide legal advice. The information on mel is not legal advice, but general information related to legal issues commonly encountered. The law in your state may be different from that discussed here. The facts in your case may be different too. You would be foolish to rely solely on information that you got from an internet site to make legal decisions, including information from the mel. Information on the mel is public. Do not disclose personal identifying information except to the extent necessary to Ask mel a question. The information that you provide is subject to mel's Privacy Policy.

Mel provides all information free of charge. However, we do not guarantee that you will receive an answer to your Ask mel questions. For legal advice, we encourage you to use the Employment Lawyer Directory.

Your access to and use of this website is subject to additional terms and conditions.

Mel is an equalizer for individuals up against powerful employers. Mel is Melissa, Melvin and over four hundred employment attorneys who represent individual employees.  We hope mel is able to help you.


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