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Job Rights & Survival Guide, A Handbook for Terminated Employees

For anyone who has felt the anger and frustration of being downsized or terminated, Job Rights & Survival Guide offers strategies for coping with job loss and regaining control of their lives. Readers learn how to handle severance agreements, insurance issues, individual rights, and more. 

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The Black O

The story of a landmark battle against discrimination, The Black O is a behind-the-scenes detective story of how the case against the Shoney's restaurant chain for racially discriminatory hiring practices evolved.

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Every Employee's Guide to the Law

A valuable resource covering the legal ramifications of all aspects of employment focuses on those employee rights guaranteed by law, Every Employee's Guide discusses the hiring process, wages and hours, health and safety, discrimination and harassment, privacy, fringe benefits, discipline, and compensation.

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ABA Guide to Workplace Law

The law affects just about every aspect of work, from hiring to firing to retiring. Now, the American Bar Association's Guide to Workplace Law provides a clear and compact guide to all the law that one needs to know, whether employee or employer. As in all ABA books, the advice is dependable and in plain English--not "legalese."

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Job Discrimination II: How to Fight; How to Win

Job Discrimination is a straightforward user's guide that gives workers the know-how and confidence to fight back against unlawful workplace bias. Find instructions on when, where and how to file a discrimination claim.  Explore the myths and misconceptions of employer invincibility. Chart a course of action once a decision has been made to pursue a job discrimination claim.

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Modern Slavery and the Global Economy (Ideas in Conflict Series)

Modern Slavery and the Global Economy identifies the horrific realities of Modern Slavery through first-person accounts. It also gives insight to the growing global economy and a possible connection.

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Sexual Harassment : A Practical Guide to the Law

Two authors who went through the ordeal themselves wrote Sexual Harassment: A Practical Guide.  It offers a lifeline of information and a safety net of support on sexual harassment.

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Step Forward: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Time Magazine wrote: Webb's book is refreshingly free of ideology and reproach...crisp and accessible sort of Cliff's notes that will have special appeal...the great mass of confused by-standers will find Step Forward informative.

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Take Charge of Your Workers' Compensation Claim: An A to Z Guide for Injured Employees, 6th Ed.

Approximately one million people a year suffer job related injuries or illness in California. For many, receiving compensation can be a nightmare. Updated to reflect the most recent changes in the law, Take Chargeguides them through the process of filing a legitimate workers' comp claim. Includes step-by-step instructions and all necessary forms.

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Uncivil Rights: Protecting and Preserving your Job Rights

A detailed description of the problems in the workplace and in the courts regarding employment rights, Uncivil Rights offers an explanation of your rights in the workplace and methods for protecting and preserving those rights complete with true horror stories.

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What to Do When You Don't Want to Call the Cops : A Non-Adversarial Approach to Sexual Harassment

Joan Kennedy Taylor illustrates objectionable behaviors that may not be sexual harassment and proposes specific strategies to counter them.  Lively and anecdotal, What to Do's balanced, non-adversarial study provides strategies for those who find themselves the target of sexual harassment.

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Work Smarts for Women : The Essential Sex Discrimination Survival Guide

Discusses issues of importance to employees or supervisors concerning what questions you cannot be asked or ask during a job interview. Work Smarts discusses how what is said during a performance review can be used against the employee

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Your Rights at the Work Place: The Things Your Boss Won't Tell You

Your Rights teaches employees how to handle and protect themselves from unfair conduct by their employers, and discloses to readers all the governmental agencies available to assist them in cases of discrimination and harassment at work.

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Your Workplace Rights and How to Make the Most of Them: An Employee's Guide

This book clarifies the fundamental legal rights of employees--and shows them how to fight for those rights. Your Workplace Rights examines employment law from the employee's perspective and walks the reader through each step of the legal process, showing them how these issues are handled in the real world.

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