Can salaried employee with “flexible hours” listed in the job description, be disciplined for tardin

17 year employee, 12 in current salaried position with “flexible” hours. I received a new supervisor in May, and have received 3 disciplinary notes for tardiness; additional disciplinary actions will result in termination. The position 40 hours a week, and my start time was usually around 9:20 AM until 6:30 PM - and by my own accord due to workload, without a lunch. I average 50 hours per week. After 2nd write up, my start time was changed to 8 AM, 3rd right up was for arriving @ 8:19.

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Bruce Elfvin
I am assuming that the company has a policy on 'flexible hours' in terms of what it means and how employees are given flexibility. The real problem here appears not to be the policy by the new supervisor's expectations. I don't know the structure of the company, but the supervisor's actions do not appear to violate any law, even though it appears to be pretty arbitrary. If the organization is small enough it may be important to sit down and talk through confusion over the 'flexible' hours, and what is the real issue with the supervisor. After 17 years with the employer it would seem you would have some ability to talk to the boss.
I can only say that without something more this can only come to a bad end unless you take some affirmative steps. If this is merely the supervisor wanting much more that merely report time, you need to know this and respond in an appropriate manner to legitimate expectations.

posted by Bruce Elfvin  |  Sep 2, 2011 08:35 AM [EST]

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